A New Modular Method

Chemex Modular has pioneered the new modular refinery manufacturing method. A modular refinery is a processing plant that has been constructed entirely on skid mounted structures. Each structure contains a portion of the entire process plant, and through interstitial piping the components link together to form an easily manageable process.

Refining Process Units

  • Hydro desulfurization Units (HDS) remove sulfur compounds from distillate products.
  • Catalytic Reformer Units (CRU) produce high-octane motor gasoline from naphtha.
  • Hydrocracker Units (HCU) increase diesel production from heavier products.
  • Desalters remove salt from crude oil prior to distillation to prevent fouling and corrosion.
  • Splitters / Stabilizers separate a feedstock into two products.
  • Click Here to Download the Refinery Schematic

    Modular Crude Distillation

    A Crude Distillation Unit (CDU) is the first step in the refining process. Products derived from an CDU include naphtha, kerosene, diesel and residuum. Naphtha can be further refined to produce motor gasoline. Kerosene can be used as a jet fuel if treated and blended with additives. Diesel fuel may require further processing to meet required sulfur specifications. Residuum may be used as a heavy fuel or further refined in a vacuum unit to produce marine diesel. Under certain circumstances, naphtha and residuum can be remixed and put back into a crude supply to be delivered as part of a crude stream.

    Click Here to Download the CDU Info Sheet

    Modular Vacuum Distillation

    A Vacuum Distillation Unit (VDU) is another step in the refining process. Using Crude Tower Bottoms (CTB) from the Crude Distillation Unit (ADU), the VDU utilizes the lower boiling point resulting from vacuum to further separate CTB into more products. Products derived from the VDU include light vacuum gas oil, heavy vacuum gas oil, and vacuum residuum.

    Click Here to Download the VDU Info Sheet
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