Gas Processing

With modular construction, components of a gas plant are manufactured and assembled in modules at our manufacturing facility, then transported to the site. This facilitates shorter project timelines yielding improved business case outcomes. By using modular construction, a client can also relocate a Chemex gas plant as situations dictate.

A natural gas processing plant is required for most gas streams that are produced from a gas well or an associated oil well. Natural gas in its raw form can contain water, NGL (Natural Gas Liquids), CO2 and H2S. The natural gas from well heads usually requires processing to remove these contaminates from the gas stream.

Our Manufactured Gas Processing Components

  • Field Compression System – raises the gas pressure from the well heads to the pressure required for gas transmission.
  • Amine Treater - removes CO2 in excess of 3% or any H2S from a gas stream.
  • Glycol Dehydrator - removes water to prevent freezing. A gas stream is treated using a glycol dehydrator or methanol injection for transmission or processing. Chemex supplies glycol dehydrators from 100 to 30,000 Mscfd (thousand standard cubic feet per day). Design pressure available from 230 to 2,160 psig.
  • Mole Sieve Dehydrators – removes all the water from a gas stream. This unit is used when gas is processed to very low temperatures.
  • Natural Gas Processing Plant - another step in gas processing is to remove the NGL from a gas stream. To remove the NGLs, the gas is cooled until the NGL condenses.
  • NGL Fractionator – a NGL stream normally contains three components: propane, field grade butane and natural gasoline. These three components are separated.
  • Emergency Flare - burns unwanted or flammable gas and liquids released by plant equipment.
  • Claus Unit - recovers elemental sulfur from hydrogen sulfide.
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