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Glenn Jones

Chief Executive Officer

Glenn Jones serves as Chemex Modular’s Chief Executive Officer. He has over 40 years of experience in the hydrocarbon processing industry, particularly with fuels, natural gas liquids, aliphatic solvents, and asphalt. This experience includes process design, construction, operations, research and development, and management of various projects, engineering disciplines, and operating units. Prior to being a founding member of this company, Mr. Jones began his career in 1973 with Caribou Four Corners as assistant refinery manager of its Kirtland, NM refinery. He left Caribou in 1978 to join Thriftway Company as refinery manager of its Bloomfield, NM refinery. Mr. Jones left Thriftway in 1984 and worked with Redd Engineering in Salt Lake City, Utah as a startup engineer for two years while operating his own gasoline blending business in Texas. He began employment with Petro Source Corporation in 1986 as refinery manager of its Eagle Springs, Nevada refinery and later held the positions of general manager of refinery operations and general manager of engineering services. He returned to Redd as Vice President from 1997 to 2000, handling both domestic and international projects. Glenn has profit and loss responsibility for Cowhouse Partners, LLC, Chemex, LLC, and Chemex Modular, LLC in his position as Managing Member of Cowhouse Partners, LLC.

Clinton Hallford

Director of Manufacturing & Construction

Clinton Hallford has over 20 years of experience in industrial construction. His experience started with CDK Contracting in Farmington, NM in 1994. He served in several different capacities before leaving CDK Contracting in 2001 to join the team at Petro Source Management Corporation. Mr. Hallford has a broad range of experience in downstream industrial construction, including:

  • Construction and operation of a used lube oil facility in the Texas Panhandle
  • Construction of four hydrocarbon processing units at a fuel terminal in Reno, NV
  • Oversight of the upgrade of a loading and storage facility in Tulsa, OK at the Port of Catoosa, which delivered the first sweet crude shipment by barge out of the State of Oklahoma
  • Decommissioning of a refinery in Mersin, Turkey for British Petroleum
  • Construction and assembly of a modular 6,000 bpd Atmospheric Distillation Unit and a 3,000 bpd Vacuum Distillation Unit in Bakersfield, CA to be shipped to Indonesia
  • Successful startup and commissioning of the 6,000 bpd crude unit and 3,000 bpd vacuum unit on-site in Indonesia
  • Management of the construction of a modular 1,000 bpd topping plant in Bakersfield, CA for shipment to Nigeria
  • Leadership of the team on-site in Nigeria in successfully commissioning and starting up the 1,000 bpd topping plant—the only currently operating, privately-held modular refinery in Nigeria
  • On-site oversight of the assembly and commissioning processes for a 3,000 bpd naphtha reformer and hydro-desulfurization unit in Bangladesh
  • Management of the construction and assembly of a modular 12,000 bpd Atmospheric Distillation Unit and a 6,000 bpd Vacuum Distillation Unit in Bakersfield, CA to be shipped to Indonesia
  • Leadership of the team for the start-up and commissioning of 12,000 bpd crude unit and 6,000 bpd vacuum unit on-site in Indonesia
  • Led the detailed design team and fabrication team for the construction, installation, and successful startup of two modular 2,000 bpd diesel hydro-treaters, with the third such hydrotreater currently under construction under his leadership
  • Matt Rodgers

    Chief Commercial Officer & General Counsel

    Matt Rodgers serves as Chemex Modular’s Chief Commercial Officer and General Counsel. He joined the company in 2016 and is responsible for sales, legal matters, coverage issues, and compliance. Prior to joining Chemex Modular, Mr. Rodgers litigated high profile patent cases, primarily in the high technology space, for 13 years. During that time, he represented both plaintiffs and defendants in multiple patent trials and had responsibility for jury selection, examination of key witnesses, argument of pre- and post-trial motions, JMOLs, jury charges, Daubert motions, and evidentiary disputes.

    Some of the significant trials in which Mr. Rodgers had a major role include:

  • $482 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson on behalf of a doctor regarding drug eluting stent technology
  • Willfulness and exceptional case finding, nearly unprecedented award of treble damages, attorneys’ fees, and expert fees against a drill bit component manufacturer on behalf of a unit of NOV. This verdict and subsequent settlement for a multiple of the verdict protected a royalty stream projected to approach $1 billion
  • Defense of a case for Apple in which total potential liability significantly exceeded $1 billion. Responsibility for development of damages theories during fact and expert discovery, and further development of damages evidence through cross of chief inventor and cross of plaintiff’s corporate representative at trial. A $386 million judgment against Apple was vacated on appeal due to unreliable damages proof in a widely publicized Federal Circuit opinion
  • Mr. Rodgers was also on the team primarily responsible for business development at a high-profile Houston patent litigation boutique. Mr. Rodgers received his Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Oklahoma.

    Alan Robinson

    Chief Financial Officer

    Alan Robinson serves as Chemex Modular’s Chief Financial Officer. He brings over 25 years of operating and financial management experience to his position. After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Cal State University - Bakersfield, Alan worked in public accounting performing tax, audit and financial duties. Mr. Robinson was then a member of a turnaround team as Controller of a multiple-site vocational trade school. The turnaround team then moved to a troubled produce processing company with his position being System/Financial Analyst. Mr. Robinson worked his way to Operations Manager of the Organic Division. As Operation Manager he was responsible for six production facilities, three shipping facilities, and three offsite storage facilities with 300 employees during peak season. Mr. Robinson then had an opportunity to join a real estate development company as a member and Chief Financial Officer. He worked closely with investors, investment bankers and the municipality to secure financing for a lake-front destination development. Mr. Robinson was also part of the development design team which developed a financial model to maximize the profitability of the project.

    Johnny Hallford

    Director of Sales

    Johnny Hallford serves as Chemex Modular’s Director of Sales. He has 30 years of experience in training and mentoring manufacturing teams.

  • Taught manufacturing processes and destructive and non-destructive testing for 15 years to mechanical engineering students at Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas. Curriculum included mechanical testing of metals, polymers, and composites; non-destructive evaluation, heat treating, metallography, metal joining and fabrication processes, injection molding, blow molding, metal casting, CNC machining, conventional machining, rapid prototyping, as well as advising student design teams on Capstone engineering design projects. Mr. Hallford further worked with the Dean of Engineering as project manager for the implementation of the first of its kind Engineering Innovation Center, which serves the College of Engineering as a workspace and forum for the collaboration of interdisciplinary design teams for industry sponsored design projects and collegiate design competitions.
  • Served as shop foreman and project manager for Machine Works, Inc. in Bryan, Texas. The Machine Works facility had a shop capacity of up to 50 tons and 30 fulltime engineers, welders, equipment mechanics, draftsmen, CNC programmers and machinists.
  • Served as a precision weapon technician in the Marine Corps where he mentored Marines in the manufacture and maintenance of precision small arms for competitive shooting sports and special operations teams.
  • Served as Chemex Modular’s quality control manager prior to supporting the sales effort.