Transforming the modular world of oil and gas.

Chemex Modular, a Texas-based company, is a worldwide supplier of modular refinery, gas processing, and plant measurement systems. We provide expertise and commitment to safety and quality that is unsurpassed in the industry.

Modular Crude Oil Refineries

A modular refinery is a processing plant constructed entirely on skid mounted structures. Each structure contains a portion of the entire process plant, with interstitial piping linking components to create an easily manageable process.

Modular Gas Processing

Our modular gas processing plants incorporate the compression systems, condensers, dehydrators, separators, flares, and additional components to build a fully operational and fully mobile system.

Modular Measurement

Chemex Modular provides the measurement and metering systems vital to ensuring your refinery produces desired products at its designed capacity.


We maintain a complete range of expertise to provide technical solutions to engineering specifications, environmental conditions, and project economics.


Clients choose what equipment will be new, used or rebuilt. Chemex engineers can mix and match the processing units to build the small refinery or gas processing plant you need. Chemex has constructed or modified over 50 modular refineries and gas plants since 1978.

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